Watch Out for Internet Scams

September 14, 2006

Like many people, I get all kinds of solicitations, especially being a business. Occasionally I will get the invitation to attend an internet seminar of one kind or another.

I recently got an invitation from C. Rex Sanderson to attend a free internet marketing conference to “witness what others have done to re-claim their financial and personal lives.” It’s pretty easy to see through a thinly veiled sales pitch but I like to see what the competition is like so I called and picked one of the times available. They offer a free business organizer (ho-hum) and a free dinner. The free dinner and a look at the competition was enough to make me sign up. I like to see legitimate business offers – I may want to do one myself. Unfortunately, after a little investigation, this did not look good.

I lost hope of making this a worthwhile trip after googling Mr. Sanderson and finding all sorts of negative comments about his operation. For one thing, they don’t have a website. Big problem for someone touting an internet seminar. Also, Mr. Sanderson’s organization has a history of not delivering on their product, according to the articles and blogs I read. The product, by the way, is $5995.00. Also, it’s a hard sell presentation. I don’t mind someone waving a carrot to see a worthwhile presentation but this is a little too shady to invest 3 hours of my day for.

There are many businesses out there with legitimate and worthwhile methods for profiting from the internet. My business, Natural Rhythm, does this very well, if I can tout my own horn. Also, talk to Daren Coudriet at Sagebridge Solutions or Louise Rijk at Advanced Media Productions. A conversation with a knowledgable professional is well worth your time.

A good rule of thumb when approached by a business to a free seminar to find out how to make millions is to google that business or person. Chances are, someone has been through it and will report a good or bad experience. If you like, contact me and I’ll do the look-up for you.

Enjoy the last cold days of summer!



  1. Paul,

    For some reason I wasn’t subscribed to your blog. I am now and even though I’m late, I want to chime in on this. I Google everybody, every company, every product and/or service (if they’re important to me). If you Google my name, I’m 9 out of the top 10. If you Google either of my companies, they are there. Both websites list a local phone number that you can call and an office address that you can walk into. I personally have a listed phone and my home address is in the phone book and on Superpages. If a business and it’s owner aren’t as accessible as I am, I do not do business with them. Period. No way. No chance. When people do business with me, they’re comfortable that I’m gonna deliver, but they’re also comfortable that I’m not gonna take their money and disappear. Although people are complaining about Sanderson’s thievery, he still has their money. My advice (and I realize that this might not be yours) is that, if it’s important, don’t click and buy, call and ask, make sure that if you need customer service you know what you’re gonna do.

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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